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Rice Cooker Recipe | Tofu Cheesecake

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Cake-Baking made Easy by a Mysterious Japanese Tool!

Rice cooker cheesecake ready to be eaten in no time at all.

You don’t like baking?

Don’t worry! This delicious cheesecake is so easy to make that anyone can do it.

There’s no need for dangerous kitchen tools or scary ovens to bake this tasty cake.

Are you stressed out about getting in shape?

Don’t worry! This Japanese cheesecake is healthier than most cakes. This is one of the secrets to why so many Japanese cake-lovers can stay so thin.

Just look at Husky (the Norwegian guy I live it). He came to Japan from a fairyland of trolls and giants - where the Disney-film «Frozen» was inspired from - but now he is slimmer than ever.

For your information, the Ghibli-film called «Kiki’s delivery service» is set in his neighboring country. (Sorry, but many Japanese people cannot recognize the difference between Norway and Sweden.)

On the other hand, from the outside, Japan also seems like a mystical island. (Though many people think China and Japan is the same country.)

On this curious island, rice cookers are not just for cooking rice. It is a magical kitchen tool that can be used to make all kinds of tasty treats, like this healthy Japanese cheesecake.

Rice cooker cheesecake before and after cooking.
Japanese people don’t need an oven to bake a cake. Intrigued?

Try our Easy Rice Cooker Cheesecake Recipe!

This recipe is so simple that even tourists can make it when they visit Japan. You might not find a toaster, but many Japanese Airbnb apartments have a rice cooker.

The ingredients are easy to find in Japan. If you are lucky, you can find all of them for less than 500 JPY at a normal supermarket, like Tokyu Store, Aeon, Maruetsu, or Life.

Don’t be afraid! There is no way you will fail this recipe. After three simple steps you can enjoy your «fika» (tea time) and have a «hyggelig» time:

(Hygge - or ヒュッゲ in Japanese - translates to cozy.)

  1. Grab the materials

  2. Mix it

  3. Brew coffee or tea while waiting

Rice cooker cheesecake ingredients.

How to Bake a Healthy Rice Cooker Cheesecake


  • 225g cream cheese (200g is okay, if this is all you can find at the store)

  • 2 eggs

  • 150g tofu (Kinugoshi is best for this recipe, but all kinds of Tofu work just fine)

  • 75g Japanese hotcake mix (This amount is usually half of a small bag.) (Maybe «Hotcake mix» sounds weird to you? It is a multipurpose flour mix for baking.)

  • 2 or 3 tbsp honey (or sugar/sweetener)

  • 1 tbsp Sudachi juice (Sudachi is a Japanese kind of citrus, but any kind of seasonal citrus fruit should complement this cheesecake well)

Rice cooker cheesecake in the making.


  1. Heat the cream cheese in a microwave for about 30 seconds (500W).

  2. Put the cream cheese in the bowl and mix it with a whisk (not whipped, just a smooth texture).

  3. Drain the tofu with kitchen paper.

  4. Mix the smooth cream cheese, drained tofu, eggs, hot cake mix and honey. Mix! Mix! Mix hard! This is the best tip if you want a fluffy rice cooker cheesecake.

  5. Add the Sudachi juice.

  6. Pour the mix into the rice cooker bowl.

  7. Set the rice cooker normal mode and wait for it to finish.

  8. Repeat! (Yes, the cake should be heated two rounds on normal mode.)

  9. Take out the rice cooker bowl and turn it upside down on a roasting pan or a heat resisting plate. Tap the bowl until the cake drops. After the plate cools down, let the cheesecake chill it in the fridge overnight.

  10. Bon Appétite! Meshiagare!

Rice cooker cheesecake; from dough to plate.
Tofu cheesecake, blueberry jam & Hawaiian beer. A match made in heaven.

I prefer my cheesecake cold, but you can also serve it right after baking, before it cools down. If you eat it warm, the texture is closer to Japanese soufflé pancakes (fluffy pancakes).

PS: A little jam or freshly grated citrus peel makes a very nice topping for this cake.

There you have it. This healthy cheesecake will kill your cravings and keep quarantine fat away. Now you know how Japanese people stay slim, and so can you, at least a little bit…

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